HI-TECH Peptides & G F Treatment

Hi Tech Lifting Treatment

BIOPLACY is a new treatment with very high bio-technology consisting of two predominant components: the first is the bio-placenta, a new concentrate with extraordinary regenerating and lifting power used at the maximum possible percentage (3%), consisting of the combination of five biofermented growth factors (EGF, IGF-1, acid FGF, alkaline FGF and VEGF), amino acids and vitamins through reactivating cellular dynamism, it strengthens the skin barrier and acts on evident wrinkles to smooth, plump and hydrate the skin for lasting comfort.

For all these characteristics BIOPLACY is suitable for all types of application for skin care (and even hair care) including the treatment of stretch marks, thanks to the elasticizing, lifting and moisturizing action of both the Bio-placenta and the second component of the compound that is Hyaluronic Acid in very high concentration (about 3%).

It contains 5 vials of 5ml