Mesorga Pre Peel solution

Gel solution for the preparation of the skin before each peel.

Its formulation combines three functional acids:
Glycolic acid: superficial exfoliant and promoter of cell turnover.
Mandelic acid: improves skin firmness by stimulating elastin and collagen, with antibacterial properties.
Azelaic acid: obtained from barley and rye, it has numerous antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties suitable for acne and blackheads.

Mesorga Peeling Neutralizer

Neutralising aqueous gel that halts the action of the acid, buffering the negative charges after peeling.

Formulated with sodium bicarbonate.

Mesorga Post Peeling cream

Specifically designed as a repairing cream, enriched with a mix of active ingredients and SPF (sunscreen) to meet all the skin’s needs after each peel.

Rosehip oil: containing vitamin E, with antioxidant and regenerating properties.
Jojoba oil: prevents wrinkles, revitalises, regenerates and hydrates.
Shea oil: provides hydration and has excellent emollient, soothing, healing and anti-wrinkle properties.
Beta glycemic acids: cell promoters, they give the skin radiance as well as regulating sebum.

Alpha-bisabolol (chamomile extract): soothing, calming, anti-inflammatory.
Sodium hyaluronate: stimulates collagen production, counteracting water loss in the skin tissue.

Aloe vera: used as an anti-wrinkle agent; rich in vitamins, it restores the pH balance and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin.
Vit. E: strong antioxidant and curative treatment for wrinkles.
Vit. A: stimulates collagen production, reducing furrows and wrinkles.
Marine collagen: fights ageing, maintaining skin tone.