face and body
biorevitalizing  peeling

Makrotech is proud to announce MAKROPEEL®, the innovative peeling which, with all of its peculiarities can be actually considered as biorivitallising chemical serum, in fact all of its components are perfectly amalgamated in a particular synergy that increases its effects both like exfoliating and like cutaneous oxygenation and rejuvenation. MAKROPEEL® can be considered as a medical device that, at the same time exfoliates, biorivitalise and has a lifting effect.

The main exfoliating action is due to Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) which, unlike other more invasive peelings, works on deeper skin layers, without causing external irritation; it gives us a real restructuring action that, in synergistic combination with other elements, lets MAKROPEEL® be considered an actual hydro-booster, becoming a valid choice instead of needles and also an evolution of treatments that can be done with current medical devices, just like fractional laser.

The Malic Acid belonging to the category of alpha hydroxics, is one of the main organic acids contained in the fruit, has exfoliating and
antioxidant effects, promoting the process of elimination of the epidermis’ dead cells and stimulating the replacement of new cells; moreover the malic acid stimulates the collagen production helping the skin hydration, besides having the capacity of increasing water retention in the stratum corneum, thus rehydrating the epidermis. The exfoliating properties of malic acid allow the decreasing of skin spots, besides having important anti-inflammatory effects.

The Mandelic Acid is derived from a particular bitter almond extract, has an exfoliating effect similiar to the glycolic acid and pyruvic acid one, but but unlike these it is much more effective because it has no photosensitizing effects, so it’s suitable the whole year; that particular acid has important lightening and anti-acne properties, thanks to bacteriostatic and sebostatic benefits.

The Kojico Acid, derived from different type of mushrooms, just like japanese koji mushrooms, is obtained by malted rice fermentation, used in the production of saké (Japanese rice wine), is mainly used for its antibacterial, antifungal and blocking properties of melanogenesis; in fact it’s used in the food sector on cut fruit to prevent the oxidative browning and on seafood to preserve pink and red colors, while it’s used in cosmetic sector to brighten up the skin and treat diseases like the face melasma.

Oligo Peptide-5 is a polypeptide of the latest generation containing actually 73 amino acids, scientifically synthesized for stimulation and repair of skin tissue, in this case mainly for KGF, also known as keratinocyte growth factor; in fact this oligomer is the most efficient fibronectin precursor that, just like it, really helps in increasing skin compactness and elasticity.

The water soluble form of C Vitamin (sodium ascorbyl phosphate) contained in MAKROPEEL®, protects the skin thanks to its antioxidant properties, in addition to the ability of lightening the skin spots, and being an efficient buffer for some solution elements, such as MANDELIC ACID.

The Methylsilanol Hyaluronate is an innovative molecule in the form of organic silicon functionalized with hyaluronic acid, with multiple benefic effects.
In fact, hyaluronic acid is protected by the presence of long chains of organic silicon that protect it from enzymatic attacks: the simultaneous presence of silicon and hyaluronic acid will also allows us to have more tone, hydration and brightness.

Precautions and usage

Before applying, the skin must be deeply cleansed and prepared with a light prepeeling solution to allow the skin to have a uniform pH for a homogeneous result, then the solution should be applied to the face, neck and décolleté, leaving out the areas where the skin is sensitive (such as the eye contour, the wings of the nose and the labial commissures). To obtain a deeper absorption the substance must be massaged, then apply a second layer leaving it in place for a period varying from 5 to 20 minutes, relative to the individual reaction times of the skin to the compound. When the burning becomes more intense, finish the treatment without using water, but directly applying a soothing and moisturizing post peeling.

It contains 5 vial of 7ml 0,236 oz.