Hyper Liposculpting Solution

Hyper Liposculpting Solution

MLX1 is an innovative Lipolytic cocktail composed by the synergy of various peptides with lipolytic and modeling action.

Pentapeptide 25 (UCPeptide) attenuates the supply of unnecessary nutrients and burns them, transforming them into energy and also helps reduce the storage of lipids in the fat under the skin, improving the condition of skin adiposity.

Butylene Glycol and Tripeptide 3 (ATPeptide) instead works in synergy by increasing the cellular content of ATP (i.e. the available source of the cell) favoring lipolysis: precisely the combination of these two peptides ensure exponential effects of reduction of adipose masses as well as energization and dynamization of the skin and radiance on the whole body.

Caffeine has a direct lipolytic effect as it is able to reduce the accumulation of lipids in adipocytes by limiting weight gain and the production of triglycerides.

Theophylline has a diuretic and anti-inflammatory action and (together with caffeine) inhibits phosphodiesterase, an enzyme that breaks down cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate).

The fatty acids must be degraded in the mitochondrion and Carnitine performs an important physiological “carrier” function, which gives rise to the formation of acyl-carnitine which easily passes through the internal mitochondrial membrane, diverting fatty acids towards their catabolism.

Sodium deoxycholate, on the other hand, has the specific function of emulsifying lipids to promote intestinal absorption.

It contains 5 vials of 10 ml